Important !!

New Clients

Monday 9th August 2021

We urge all New Clients to undertake a free Patch Test from any of our branches before their scheduled day of treatment. We recommend at least 48 hours prior to your appointed time, you visit the salon and request for a free Patch Test. These tests can relate to Eyebrow Tinting, Eyelash Tinting, Hair Colouring, Facial Waxing, Facial treatments, Body Waxing and even Nail treatments.
While we ensure that all products used undergo a rigorous safety and reaction test for all types of skin, we respect that not all skin is created equal ! We therefore encourage Patch Tests to be carried out for all treatments.
During ones life, our skin undergoes many changes and on some rare occasions we may become less tolerant to a particular cream or chemical. We therefore advocate a Patch Test's being carried out on a regular basis especially if you are pregnant.
Also, if you are applying any creams, lotions or steroids to your skin, please let the Beautician know of this before commencement of the treatment.